On Approaching Home Redecorating Project For The First TimeOn Approaching Home Redecorating Project For The First Time

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And on second thoughts, the homeowner, with some clarity, was able to be honest with himself. The way he looked at it; this project was never a redecorating one to begin with, because in the first instance, it was never decorated. Nevertheless, he began to take a long, hard look at the property’s interiors. He made some time for ‘the great outdoors’. But much later, washed over with fatigue, both mental and physical, he gave up.

There was not a chance in hell that he was going to ‘redecorate’. It was his honest belief that he was simply not up to the task. In later life, with more time on his hands than he could ever have imagined, he decided to return to this project, this time with a greater vision, and under a cloud of inspiration. It was warm and humid; it was almost eerie. How things had changed. But while others around him were struggling, come hell or high water, he was enjoying something of a rare windfall.

And then he took what could very well have been regarded as a risk. Feeling like a million bucks, he threw all his eggs (they were organic by now, free range) in one basket and deferred his home remodeling lancaster project to the professionals and said; here, you go and see what you can make of it. It is over to you. It is in your hands. You go and see what needs to be done. Sitting silently in his study.

Poring quietly over his manuscript, he regarded them in mind only. They too were quiet. And they were gone for a long time. Long after the event it seems hard to believe that he is pushing pen and paper on the home remodelling enterprise.