How Do Bail Bonds Companies Get Paid?How Do Bail Bonds Companies Get Paid?

When yourself or someone you love ends up in jail, the first thing on your mind is typically going to rush to getting out and back in the comfort and safety of your own home until your court date rolls around. Every inmate has the right to bail depending on the severity of their crime and their past criminal history, and if someone is unable to post bond for themselves, call to a bail bonds company such as Acme Bail Bonds Santa Barbara is usually in order.

A bail bondsman can show up and help you bond out of jail, but of course, their service isn’t free. They have to get paid somehow, and they have ways to collect if someone skips out on their day in court or aren’t able to collect their fees.

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1. Getting money back from the court.

A bail bondsman will put up the bail for an inmate to the court, which is then returned when that person shows up to their court date. When someone bails out of jail with a bondsman, they are usually required to sign documents showing that they know when their court date is and that they need to show up, or risk being taken back to jail so the bondsman can recoup their investment.

2. Wage garnishment.

Just like any other creditor, a bail bondsman can even seek a court order to garnish wages if someone doesn’t pay up their fees. If you find yourself unable to pay off fees to a bail bondsman, don’t be surprised if they are granted a request to garnish your wages until the debt is paid off.

3. Payment plans.

Most bailbonds Santa Barbara professionals will be happy to work with you if you can’t pay off your debt in one lump sum. You can always inquire about payment plans that you and your bondsman are both comfortable with so you can pay off your debt in easier to manage installments.

Bailing Out, Staying on the Legal Path

Once you have bailed out with the help of your bail bondsman, do everything you can to make sure he or she is paid off, so you can get back to focusing on living life on the legal path. Hopefully, you will never have to go through this process again.