Dental Exam OverviewDental Exam Overview

Every individual that has teeth should visit their dentist at least once a year for an annual dental exam, which includes several important functions that keep your oral and overall health intact. During the exam, your dentist will check for several issues and provide you with treatment for existing issues while recommending ways to keep your teeth healthy.

Why Get Exams

Regular exams are extremely important because they protect you from problems that may worsen without treatment and also make it easier to find issues early, such as systemic diseases. Your dentist will also help you maintain the health of your smile and keep teeth strong and health for the rest of your life.

What Happens During Exams

During an oral exam, your dentist will look at your teeth, spot decay, remove stains, check the jaw for issues, and more.

X Ray

A dental x ray new port richey patients receive will give dentists a detailed view of either sections of the mouth or the full mouth. The information obtained from these images will help the spot problems, such as decay, and figure out the best treatment option for your teeth.

Cancer Screening

Many people do not realize that their dentists are also checking for signs of oral cancer during dental exams. They will assess the jaw as well as the sides of the neck and the cheeks in order to find abnormalities that may need further testing to diagnose.

Dental Impression

dental x ray new port richey

A dental impression is taken to replicate your teeth and make devices like bleaching trays, mouth guards, retainers, and more. This will be optional depending on your dentist and other problems you may have with teeth as well as what procedures you have had or plan to have.

Your dentist does a lot during an oral exam, so make an appointment today to preserve your teeth.